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Faith House, Holton Lee Centre
Poole, Dorset

Holton Lee is a charitable trust which supports disabled people in a holistic way, enabling them to develop in the areas of personal growth through the arts, the environment and non-denominational spirituality.

The first phase of our masterplan for the centre estate in Poole was completed in 2002. Faith House accommodates the spiritual curriculae of Holton Lee’s programme, providing a quiet room for individual contemplation and a larger space for religious assembly, meetings, display of art and possibly rehearsals.

The building is an elegant flat roofed timber–framed structure, which sits at the top of a raised path, resembling a miniature Greek temple. Views of the surrounding countryside are afforded by full-length windows, opening the interior spaces to the trees and the sky beyond. The setting is enhanced by circle of cut trees, installed from floor to ceiling in the centre of the quiet room, creating a contemplative environment in which nature and art can be admired and studied.

The second phase of the masterplan, a series of artists’ studios, converted from a barn neighbouring Faith House was completed in 2005.

Status: Completed April 2002
Awards: The Guardian Best British Building of the Year Award 2003, ACE/RIBA Award for Religious Architecture, 2003, The Wood Awards 2003 (shortlisted)

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