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Spellbound: Art and Film, Hayward Gallery

Spellbound: Art and Film was an exhibition organised by the Hayward Gallery in collaboration with the British Film Institute. Ten artists and filmmakers working in Britain created new work to explore the relationship between art and film. The exhibition was curated by Ian Christie and Philip Dodd, then Director of the British Film Institute. Featured artists included Douglas Gordon; Fiona Banner; Eduardo Paolozzi; Damien Hirst; Tim Head; Derek Boshier; Bruce McLean; Steve McQueen; Paula Rego; Ridley Scott; Terry Gilliam; Boyd Webb; Peter Greenaway; Sam Taylor-Wood.

Our exhibition design provided a series of light and dark enclosures with entrances providing views that guided the spectator through the overall dark of the exhibition.
Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho, one of the signature installations of Spellbound, was displayed on a giant screen at the point of entry to the exhibition, playing with silent menace.

Ridely Scott’s shooting script for the film Alien, annotated with Director’s notes and photographs of the cast was filmed with the pages being turned and exhibited on four monitors. Peter Greenaway’s very filmic installation filled the whole of the largest top floor gallery.

Completion date; May 1996
Client: Hayward Gallery
Photographs: John Riddy / the Hayward Gallery