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New Gallery for the Portland Collection, Welbeck Abbey, UK

Our proposed new gallery for the Portland Collections is located within the historic Tan Gallop,  its rooflight structure forming a classical attic above the existing walls that identifies it from a distance. A building housing a shared entrance and shop, with views into the countryside, serves both the Portland building and Harley Gallery. A clear and single point of entry for the two galleries is provided by a portico in the Harley Courtyard, placed between the two gasometer figures on the axis of the gate from the car park. From there a covered colonnade leads past the door of the cafĂ© to the entrance of the galleries. The Portland Collections Gallery is similar in overall scale to the largest rooms in Welbeck Abbey and can be easily subdivided in to smaller spaces in any number of ways. Daylight comes to the exhibition space from a grid of roof lights with depths that prevent direct sun from entering the exhibition spaces, while keeping it visible in the roof light surrounds where it animates the experience of the space. Daylight is adjustable in intensity by louvre blinds placed high and out of sight in the roof lights. Central in the plan is a walled and planted courtyard that receives north light from the side, and like the roof lights has concealed light control blinds. Similar to the Museum we designed in Denmark the court is a place to look into and refresh the eye during the course of viewing an exhibition.