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New Swiss Embassy, London, UK

The Swiss Government has made a major commitment in keeping its the London Embassy in the present location and our scheme builds on that commitment by creating a dignified new and unified image for the two parts of the Embassy, the Residence and Chancellery.

A new, finely detailed entrance porch is proposed for the Residence that contains a discrete platform lift in the steps from the street, and a magnificent new attic containing the Ambassador’s flat and garden, facing Bryanston Square.

For the Chancellery in Montague Place the existing horizontal facade that is spaced away from the Residence would be replaced with a facade of European porphyry, quarried and worked locally with subtle changes of colour throughout its parts. This facade would connect to the Residence and be modulated to align with its horizontal divisions, while being subtly configured as two parts of similar width to the facade of the Residence and the Georgian houses around it.

"A very attractive, well thought out project with a good understanding of the functions of and processes within the embassy".
Jury Report.