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Galleri Per og Kajsa, Bodø, NO

The practice was shortlisted to design a new 800 sq m rural gallery in the nordland national Park to house a collection of work by artists Per Adde and Kajsa Zetterquist, two Swedish
born artists who emigrated to norway in the 1960s where their work has been central to the formulation of arts policy, art education and land protection policy in northern norway.

The proposed building, comprising three gallery spaces, has timber elevations, concrete foundations and sedum roof to ensure that the new gallery sits harmoniously in the natural setting of the national Park. the three galleries are tightly arranged around an entrance lobby, and operate as discrete
spaces, which can be individually closed for re-hanging. Whilst they have stylistic similarities that bind them together each gallery space is unique in shape, height and in the configuration of roof lights.

A new covered space for discussions, which looks out to the mountains, connects the new gallery building to the national Park Building. To give the national Park centre greater visibility from the highway the reception area and shop are extended and finished with a generous canopy.

Woodland gallery, celebrating the
work of Norwegian Artists