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The Munch Museum and The Stenersen Museum collections
Oslo, NO

Tony Fretton Architects was invited to participate in a major international design competition for the new Munch Museum in oslo, norway. Located in Björvika Bay, oslo the new 50,000 sq m development will accommodate the merger of the Munch Museum, dedicated to work of the painter Edvard Munch, and the new Stenersen Art Gallery.

The proposed scheme is a building in three parts; the Gallery House, the Public Room, and the Land on the Roof.

The Gallery House is a climate controlled modern building of classical form built of norwegian Marble. it accommodates all of the Museum’s gallery spaces. Gallery spaces are highly flexible with moveable partitions to accommodate sound pieces, film and Munch’s monumental paintings.

The Public Room has a double glazed façade filled with planting, creating a public room for all seasons in the natural setting of the Fjord. it brings together all of the public activities of the Museum, including the restaurant, play area, cinema, fireplace, ticket desk, bookshop and cloakroom.

The Land on the Roof is an open-air gallery, a place to learn about Munch in rooftop structures that resemble his studios. it recognises norway’s contribution to the making and display of art in the open air in celebration of the northern climate the buildings are arranged as pavilions around a square and complemented by new island parks and beaches along the fjord.