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Houses in Chalkidiki, GR

The project aims to complete an ensemble of buildings on a large wooded site in nikiti, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The ensemble is used as a holiday home by the clients and their guests. It will consists of a main house, a ViP guest house, a study building and staff accommodation. The project works to a master plan designed by Ronit conforti-Brinkmann and involves remodelling part-built structures already present on the site.

With the main house we remain faithful to the original design ideas and improve on them by addressing interior circulation and exterior sun-shading issues. The windows and terrace doors of the building are combined with an insect mesh and vertical timber sunshading louvres in exposed areas such. in addition to louvers in front of the windows, generous pergolas over the terraces provide sufficient sun protection. The positions and proportions of these are guided by computer modelling carried out by ARUP.

The ViP guest house is a two-storey building, with spacious bedrooms located in a separate volume, facing a private the courtyard to the east. Bedrooms and living room alike open onto generous shaded terraces.

The study building has a double height glass fac╠žade. The lower part with large sliding doors, while the upper parts consist of fixed glass panels. A generous double-height pergola provides sun shading. This pergola is a of similar scale and proportion to those envisaged for the main and guest buildings and thus serves to create architectural unity within the ensemble.

Private coastal village, looking out to the Aegean Sea.