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Our Lady of Lourdes, Hungerford, UK

In our proposal for the redevelopment of our Lady of Lourdes church for the Hungerford and Lambourn parish, we have proposed a building, which consists of simple forms and materials, animated inside by light.

The new church is placed within a planted walled garden to preserve the tranquillity of the existing site. Simple, monumental construction is proposed: brick walls, a lead roof and aluminium window frames and rainwater pipes that provide long-term durability and low maintenance. The houses, which are part of the overall scheme, are of the same construction and positioned so as to draw the two original cottages on the other side of the street into a cohesive arrangement.

The church faces east and presents its bell tower and sanctuary to the street. the congregation would approach on foot through the garden, leaving their cars in the court.

A new church and housing for the parish of Hungerford & Lambourn.